Rhythm 12 – Community

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In this workshop we’ll experience the energetic practice for the twelfth and final Rhythm of Life or Stage of Healing. After having experienced ourselves as the Light in Rhythm 10, and experiencing the burning desire to be of Service in Rhythm 11 we transition into Rhythm 12 where we embody all 12 Rhythms and recognize that in Community we have gifts to share with one another and that giving and receiving are not separate or different as we are all part of the same one.

In this rhythm we experience our involvement with humanity and recognize that wholeness comes from bringing our individual gifts into community. We recognize that all of our choices are spiritual ones and affect all beings. We identify with the entire dance of humanity, rather than just the individual steps. We recognize that whatever cannot or is not accepted and celebrate, is that which will painfully repeat and appear solid in life. We find ways to find the gift in everything and bless it in some way.

With the short simple exercise for this Rhythm we combine the energy of all the Rhythms that have come before, we combine the energy of the earth and heavens and we combine the infinite past and the infinite future all together, coming full circle in our process.

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