Rhythm 7 – Acceptance

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In this workshop we’ll experience the energetic practice for the seventh Rhythm of Life, or stage of healing. We will also explore the consciousness of this rhythm in which we reach acceptance as we resolve patterns that no longer serve us.

The goal of this rhythm is resolution of the charge or attachment to the energy still triggering defense patterns. The resolution comes with awareness, acknowledgement and acceptance of how the energy has served us at some point in our life. Discharge is an outcome of this rhythm and can occur in the form of a muscular release, fever, coughing, sneezing, vomiting, crying, screaming or laughing. This process comes with a sense of accomplishment, trust, satisfaction and peace as the resolution completes.

In the exercise for this rhythm there is a collecting, redirecting and amplifying of energy in an area of the body attached to part of our identity. It completes with the discharge of prolonged sound which is feedback to one’s self and part of the liberation/acceptance/resolution of the rhythm.

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