Rhythm 10 – Being the Light

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Stage 10 - Ascent

In this workshop we’ll experience the energetic practice for the tenth Rhythm of Life or stage of healing. After having begun to truly experience the Light behind the form and the joy in Rhythm 9, we’ll explore the consciousness where we fully identify with the light and receive our gifts.

In this Rhythm, we move from the experience of knowing ourselves as an intelligent being to actually being intelligence itself. As we are cracked open by the light, we merge beyond the experience of a separate soul and transcend our existing sense of self. Beyond the concepts of limits, boundaries, words and thoughts we gain the wisdom of knowing our oneness with creation and receive the gift of our authentic spiritual signature.

Through the vigorous breath and movement patterns in the exercise for this Rhythm we can merge with the source of love, passion, creativity and our gifts and recognize that it’s not separate from us, that it’s actually what we’re made of.

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