Rhythm 5 – Breaking through

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In this workshop we will experience the energetic practice for the fifth Rhythm of Life, or stage of healing. We will also explore the consciousness of this rhythm in which we experience Breaking Through as we merge with the illusions.

In this rhythm we revisit alienated aspects of ourselves. We are now strong enough and have enough energy to merge past the illusion of self. We understand that there is more to what we feel in our bodies than just physical pain. It seems like there is an emotion or an energy that must be recognized. We are aware of a film or haze between what we are experiencing and a deep level of ourselves, and that we must see beyond that illusion. This process may be uncomfortable but there is a knowing that it will be ok.

This exercise is about swimming in the primordial sea, which existed before we anchored our experience of ourselves as a separate person or body. It coordinates the upper and lower body rhythms. It begins to circulate the bio energetic, emotional and mental energies, dissembling anchors to the unconscious conditioned stories and rules about our lives. As we complete this rhythm we merge with the illusion of self and move towards more wholeness.

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