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Mike CouchMike Couch
13:01 28 Nov 23
My whole family starting going awhile back and can't say enough great things. I was a little skeptical at first but I have never felt better and more aligned. The 4 of us highly recommend Wellroots. We recently moved out of town, but still make the trip back to see Allison and Robert. Do yourself a kindness, you won't regret it.
Leah GarnissLeah Garniss
13:16 09 Nov 22
Dr. Allison Barriscale provided a wonderful, caring environment. She was knowledgable and professional and always on time. She went above and beyond by reaching out to me after our treatments on her own time to see how I was doing. I highly recommend her and her practice.
Virginia ChoiVirginia Choi
03:48 19 Oct 22
Dr. Allison at Wellroots is my healer! The depth of her ability can not be described because it can only be experienced in your own growth & healing like I did. Physically, I have become stronger & more flexible. Mentally & emotionally, I have become whole & definitely more confident about myself. My future looks bright with Allison by my side!!Virginia Choi, registered nurse & acupuncturist
Janine McNaulJanine McNaul
16:21 23 Sep 22
I've been seeing Dr Allison for a few years now and she is amazing! She's caring, she listens, she's supportive, and she guides you in your life journey. Not only is my back feeling better but my overall wellbeing- mental health, spiritual health, and emotional health have all improved due to Dr Allison's practice and they way she treats your body and soul. Every time I enter the clinic I'm greeted with a big smile from either her or Dr Rob. They are both very welcoming! I highly recommend seeing either of them.
Caroline FCaroline F
20:13 06 Oct 21
I have been going to Wellroots for over 6 months now and I have seen a marked difference in my health. I am better able to manage stress, my quality of sleep has improved, the pain from arthritis has reduced along with the headaches I was experiencing on a regular basis and overall I just feel more centred and grounded. It’s like I have a new lease on life! Thank you!
Andrea NguiAndrea Ngui
14:42 08 May 21
Dr. Allison. helped me on my healing journey from chronic pain and burnt-out. Her guidance and wisdom have allowed me over the years to run and swim again. I'm rejuvenated and now live a more holistic and peaceful life. If you're searching for a refreshing way to live life then go see Dr. Allison.
Brad GilbartBrad Gilbart
16:59 06 Oct 20
I have been going to Wellroots for almost 2 years now. The transformation in my Mind, Body and Spirit is amazing! My mood, flexibility, and ability to handle stress is amazing! I wouldn't trade my experience for anything! I am still learning, and look forward to my visits every week! Allison and Rob are amazing! Book an entrainment session, and you will see what I mean!
Victoria HaddadVictoria Haddad
15:03 17 May 20
I have been going to see Allison and Rob for 3 years now and I am truly changed for the better. Initially going to see them for my sciatic and lower back pain, I came to heal so much more than I was expecting. I never really paid much attention to my spine health before, I had been to many chiropractors and never did I have a role in the health of my spine. Working with both Allison and Rob weekly, some stretches biweekly- I now have a much greater awareness of my body, tension and emotions and my own power to deal with them. I feeling empowered and I often recommend my friends and family to see them... I warn them, these are not your traditional chiropractors, their focus on whole body wellness and the mind- body connection sets them apart and keeps me learning and healing everyday. My husband now goes to see them along with my 10 month of baby girl. I continued to see Allison throughout my entire pregnancy and it made all the difference. If you really want to change your life, go see them....you will probably see me there aswell;)
Houston RecoskieHouston Recoskie
17:53 28 Nov 19
I love this place!Dr. Allison B and Dr. Robert C are two of the nicest people I know. The service you receive will help with way more than just your aches and pains. They have treated my pulled groin, my sciatica, chest aches, back pain, helped me find the strength to quit smoking, to mourn the loss of my loved ones, cope with anxiety and depression and posture!I've been seeing the Doctors at Network Chiropractic for over two years and look forward to every visit! I often leave the office feeling refreshed and energized! The location are beautiful as well!
Stacey SecretsStacey Secrets
18:13 04 Feb 19
My physical and emotional well-being has completely transformed since going to Network Chiropractic.I used to see a regular Chiropractic, and although I miss the neck cracking, I never felt I was getting any results. After seeing Allison I began feeling results a month into our therapy. Less back pain, standing up straighter and she gave me insights on how I can check in with my body at home, which has been beneficial in times of great anxiety or stress.This not only helps my physical body but I'm finding my own inner peace and self growth while I've been doing this work. Its quite remarkable really.I highly recommend Network Chiropractic and this particular location is really warm and welcoming.
Kevin RowlandKevin Rowland
22:30 30 Jan 19
I am 65 years old and have and continue to take on activities which exceed the limitations of my spine. Allison takes a personal interest in helping my spine find strategies to overcome the painful misalignments that I have created. Unlike conventional chiropractic procedures Allison does not apply force to achieve alignment. With only a light touch she assists your body to find strategies to overcome these impairments which we are experiencing as pain. I highly recommend that you treat yourself to an entrainment and experiance what I have found to be oasis in the desert of pain.
Norm DetillieuxNorm Detillieux
20:52 06 Jan 18
I have been adjusted by 100's of chiropractors, I guess you could say I am a connoisseur. Dr. Rob and Allison are two of the best. They take the time to get to know those they serve, deliver high quality adjustments and are practicing a leading edge technique. If you are looking for wholistic health and healing you have found you Docs.
Craig JefferyCraig Jeffery
21:46 02 Jan 17
Network Chiropractic has immeasurably changed my life. It's capacity to reduce pain and re-align the body are - in my experience - profound. Dr Allison's ability to work with patients in a kind, loving and open way mixed with her knowledge of and passion for Network Chiropractic make her an incredible resource. I would recommend Network Chiropractic and Dr Allison to anyone.
Joy Book-TamasJoy Book-Tamas
21:27 03 Mar 16
I highly recommend Dr. Robert Coddington at Network Chiropractic. My experience in his office has been beyond any expectations that I have ever had for a chiropractor. I have seen many others and he has been able to help me understand how my body connects to the energy that effects me everyday. I will never go to see anyone else.

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