Rhythm 11 – Service

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Rhythm 11

In this workshop we’ll experience the energetic practice for the eleventh Rhythm of Life or Stage of Healing. After having experienced ourselves as the Light and receiving our gifts in Rhythm 10, we’ll move into Rhythm 11 where we experience a burning desire to go out in the world and Share our Gifts.

In this rhythm, knowing that we’re a part of everything and that everything is a part of us, we can live without being attached to our circumstances. We have a deep knowing of our gifts and are inspired to share them with the world through Service. We find our thoughts and desires to be magically expressed in our outer world. Irrespective of our external circumstances, we can find and experience compassion, empathy, love, forgiveness and altruism.

With the short, simple exercise for this Rhythm we quickly connect with the energy of everything and we build energy within, accessing what we need inside to go out and support others in Service.

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