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At Wellroots we love when clients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our client testimonials below to see what people have achieved through our personalized and custom tailored approach in providing exceptional chiropractic care.

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Brad Gilbart
Brad Gilbart
16:59 06 Oct 20
I have been going to Wellroots for almost 2 years now. The transformation in my Mind, Body and Spirit is amazing! My... mood, flexibility, and ability to handle stress is amazing! I wouldn't trade my experience for anything! I am still learning, and look forward to my visits every week! Allison and Rob are amazing! Book an entrainment session, and you will see what I mean!read more
Victoria Haddad
Victoria Haddad
15:03 17 May 20
I have been going to see Allison and Rob for 3 years now and I am truly changed for the better. Initially going to see... them for my sciatic and lower back pain, I came to heal so much more than I was expecting. I never really paid much attention to my spine health before, I had been to many chiropractors and never did I have a role in the health of my spine. Working with both Allison and Rob weekly, some stretches biweekly- I now have a much greater awareness of my body, tension and emotions and my own power to deal with them. I feeling empowered and I often recommend my friends and family to see them... I warn them, these are not your traditional chiropractors, their focus on whole body wellness and the mind- body connection sets them apart and keeps me learning and healing everyday. My husband now goes to see them along with my 10 month of baby girl. I continued to see Allison throughout my entire pregnancy and it made all the difference. If you really want to change your life, go see them....you will probably see me there aswell;)read more
Houston Recoskie
Houston Recoskie
17:53 28 Nov 19
I love this place!Dr. Allison B and Dr. Robert C are two of the nicest people I know. The service you receive will... help with way more than just your aches and pains. They have treated my pulled groin, my sciatica, chest aches, back pain, helped me find the strength to quit smoking, to mourn the loss of my loved ones, cope with anxiety and depression and posture!I've been seeing the Doctors at Network Chiropractic for over two years and look forward to every visit! I often leave the office feeling refreshed and energized! The location are beautiful as well!read more
Stacey Secrets
Stacey Secrets
18:13 04 Feb 19
My physical and emotional well-being has completely transformed since going to Network Chiropractic.I used to see a... regular Chiropractic, and although I miss the neck cracking, I never felt I was getting any results. After seeing Allison I began feeling results a month into our therapy. Less back pain, standing up straighter and she gave me insights on how I can check in with my body at home, which has been beneficial in times of great anxiety or stress.This not only helps my physical body but I'm finding my own inner peace and self growth while I've been doing this work. Its quite remarkable really.I highly recommend Network Chiropractic and this particular location is really warm and welcoming.read more
Kevin Rowland
Kevin Rowland
22:30 30 Jan 19
I am 65 years old and have and continue to take on activities which exceed the limitations of my spine. Allison takes a... personal interest in helping my spine find strategies to overcome the painful misalignments that I have created. Unlike conventional chiropractic procedures Allison does not apply force to achieve alignment. With only a light touch she assists your body to find strategies to overcome these impairments which we are experiencing as pain. I highly recommend that you treat yourself to an entrainment and experiance what I have found to be oasis in the desert of pain.read more
Norm Detillieux
Norm Detillieux
20:52 06 Jan 18
I have been adjusted by 100's of chiropractors, I guess you could say I am a connoisseur. Dr. Rob and Allison are two... of the best. They take the time to get to know those they serve, deliver high quality adjustments and are practicing a leading edge technique. If you are looking for wholistic health and healing you have found you Docs.read more
Craig Jeffery
Craig Jeffery
21:46 02 Jan 17
Network Chiropractic has immeasurably changed my life. It's capacity to reduce pain and re-align the body are - in my... experience - profound. Dr Allison's ability to work with patients in a kind, loving and open way mixed with her knowledge of and passion for Network Chiropractic make her an incredible resource. I would recommend Network Chiropractic and Dr Allison to anyone.read more
Joy Book-Tamas
Joy Book-Tamas
21:27 03 Mar 16
I highly recommend Dr. Robert Coddington at Network Chiropractic. My experience in his office has been beyond any... expectations that I have ever had for a chiropractor. I have seen many others and he has been able to help me understand how my body connects to the energy that effects me everyday. I will never go to see anyone else.read more
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Client Testimonials

More energetic, focused, optimistic & resourceful

“I have had significant reduction in the tension in my body resulting in very welcome reduction of chronic pain. I’ve become more energetic, focused, optimistic & resourceful. Thank you Rob!”
– Lori Whittaker

More aware of my body

“I am more aware of my body, but more importantly, more aware of the potential for change. As such, I am more optimistic, or maybe patient with my body. I have started eating better, exercising & getting lots of sleep. And I don’t expect immediate change (and when it doesn’t occur give up), but I do trust that my body will respond to these better habits.”
– Stephanie K.

Improvement in the way I walk

“I have experienced the following benefits since beginning care: – more conscious of my posture – improvement in the way I walk – improved stretching (exercises).”
– Anonymous

Calmer and more in control

“I feel calmer and more in control; I can put things in perspective better; My lower back doesn’t have pain when I bend certain ways; and finally, I feel all-around stronger.”
– Kirsten Collins

More at ease, less tension

“My body feels more at ease, I carry less tension. I am learning to make time for relaxation, reducing stress.”
– Karen Irwin

Feeling positive & good

“I have experienced the following benefits since beginning care: The ease of dealing with pregnancy; being mobile and able to continue to function without major physical stresses; emotional (feeling positive & good about myself, having a positive outlook).”
– Anonymous

Sleeping better and longer

“I started receiving care after my Naturopath suggested that the techniques used in NSA could help me relieve my lower back and neck pain. After my first visit or two, my lower back pain was gone. I couldn’t explain why. All I knew was that all of a sudden I was able to lay down at night without experiencing pain. Soon after my neck pain was gone too. Pretty quickly I caught on that I was helping myself. Being taught breathing techniques and learning to maintain focus is what helped me change. I’ve become more aware of my breath, my spine, and my body. I’m sleeping better and longer, increased my energy and stamina and am overall more relaxed.”
– Tara Smith

More energy, fewer symptoms

“Since the beginning of my care, I have come to understand that everything – every feeling, good & bad – should be viewed as a step in the right direction… Towards my personal physical & mental BEST! I am more mentally capable of allowing the process to unravel, although of course when it unravels with great physical reactions, that is more fun! On a daily basis I experience more energy, fewer symptoms (fatigue, aches, cognitive confusion & disorder, twitches, etc.) This allows me to do more – from going out to dinner at a loud restaurant – to actually getting a physical workout & seeing results! It feels great. I would say I am at 80% & I can’t wait for the final 20%.”
– Julie Strom

Release stress and pain

“Since starting my care I am most definitely aware of what my body can do. The ability to release stress and pain through breathing and the spine is a major accomplishment for me. I truly look forward to exploring what else my body and mind can do, and whatever else you can teach me. Thanks for being there Rob!”
– Steve Dixon

Significantly improved feeling of well-being and more mobility

“To date, entrainment is the most efficient and effective modality I have tried (used) to open the door and release emotional and mental blockages from my body. Best of all it recycles the released energies to help heal my body. This is enabling me to have a significantly improved feeling of well-being and more mobility.”
– Jennifer Haywood

No more headaches

“The headaches have practically disappeared and I get over my colds very quickly….I’m much better at handing stress and I seem to be much more relaxed all the time. I love coming in Monday mornings for an adjustment. It not only starts the week off great, it helps me organize my thoughts and things I have to do in a clear and achievable way. With a way to release my stress, I seem to be happier and more efficient with my time.”
– Shannon H.

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More life enjoyment

When I started Network Care, I dropped all other treatments I was doing, and I noticed the improvement in my health over the few months I was with Network Care…. Network Care has helped me enjoy every part of my life more….
– Carolyn Dera

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Improved mood

I have definitely noticed an improvement in my overall mood; I feel much more balanced and am experiencing less anxiety. My energy levels have improved as well.
– Chantelle

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Better running

When I tried to run, my body felt uncoordinated and I could not get the body in a running rhythm…. Now on my morning walks, I do include some running and it feels good.
– Lise Babin

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Emotional and physical gains

I was a train wreck emotionally as well as physically. I don’t think I remembered what being at ease with myself felt like anymore. [Network Care] has helped me deal with past issues and concentrate on important present challenges such as my health and my studies.
– Marianne W.

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Less back pain, healthier eating

I’ve had almost no joint pain [and] my back has become so much better! I’ve decided to really start being healthier, snacking on veggies, fruits or nuts, and cutting off empty candy calories. I am also starting to exercise more.
– Peggy Saunders

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Healthier outlook

My back pain is less prevalent, and I am more aware of my body. I am able to prevent and lessen the pain when it occurs. I also have a healthier outlook in mind and body.
– Lana Pawziuk

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