Rhythm 8 – Beingness

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In this workshop we’ll experience the energetic practice for the eighth Rhythm of Life, or stage of healing. We’ll also explore the consciousness of this rhythm in which we experience Beingness as a result of resolving the patterns and ways of being that we had attached to in earlier rhythms.

Following the discharge of Rhythm 7 there is an emptiness, a place of possibilities. We enter into a state of gratitude, vulnerability, connection with our external rhythms and alignment with events around us. We welcome serendipity as a natural way of life.  When we’re connected with this rhythm we do things because it’s time to do them and we feel supported by an abundant universe. We experience peace, and inner noise and static cease. We experience gratitude for connection to others and our place in the larger cosmic plan.

In the exercise for this Rhythm we breathe in through the mouth and out through the nose, introducing an ‘Awaken’ breath. We move into a state of emptiness where there is a profound peace and stillness. In this space we feel and experience more room in our bodies for breath and sense the rhythms within and around us more fully.

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