Rhythm 6 – Getting Ready

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In this workshop we will experience the energetic practice for the sixth Rhythm of Life, or stage of healing. We will also explore the consciousness of this rhythm in which we focus on ‘Getting Ready’ as we prepare for resolution.

This rhythm represents a point of increasing momentum and flexibility of the body-mind in preparation for the discharge and resolution of trapped perspectives, memories, information, energy and patterns. We feel a tension building within ourselves as the process advances. There is a knowing that we are not yet flexible or knowledgeable enough for what’s next. We feel ready to do whatever it takes to get on with our lives and we feel hungry for what’s coming.

The exercise for this rhythm is designed to add more focused attention, life force and a higher level of order to the energy (or patterns) we have held onto because of our need to be protected in the world. With sufficient movement of energy and higher brain functions, we can change in our bodies to create massive changes in our structure, actions and perceptions about ourselves and life.

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