Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions2020-05-19T17:44:53-04:00

What to expect

How do I get started?2020-05-02T09:00:43-04:00

The initial process takes place over 2 visits: During our first meeting we’ll talk about what’s going on with you, your goals, what NSA is, what it can offer, etc. You will also receive a functional and structural, neuro-spinal assessment. This gives us a snapshot of how well you’re adapting to stress in your life. Our second meeting is to review, answer questions, connect on goals, and to determine what you would like to do based on the options.

What might I expect during a typical visit?2021-02-11T07:45:04-05:00

Regular visits last from 20-30 minutes.

From the moment you enter our office to the moment you leave you will be immersed in the vibrant dynamic of wellness and the healing energy of entrainment.

Benefits and results

When will my pain go away?2020-05-02T09:00:20-04:00

Most people experience a change within a few days to a few weeks. Different people progress towards their goals at different rates and each individual is unique. The process of unwinding tension from the spine is not linear and how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ a person feels is not an indicator of how long it will take to get meaningful results for your life.

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What are the benefits of a healthier, happier spine?2020-05-02T09:00:32-04:00

The benefits of a healthy, happy spine may be grouped into two broad and interrelated categories:

  • You will feel better (well-being and wellness); and
  • You will heal and grow better (healing and health).
What is a spinal gateway?2020-05-02T09:00:26-04:00

A spinal gateway is a region located precisely between two adjacent spinal segments, particularly in the vertebrae of the neck, sacrum, and coccyx (tail bone). Because of the specific location of the spinal gateway region in relation to the physical structure of the body and the associated neurological connections, this area is rich with information about the shape, tone, and tension of the spine. As such, it serves to provide a focus, structure and mechanism for us to better connect with the spine and enhance it’s position and movement in space.


Do you accept insurance?2020-05-02T09:10:05-04:00

Our doctors are licensed with the College of Chiropractors of Ontario and can issue statements for your care to facilitate your claims.

Most extended health benefit packages have coverage for chiropractic care

Is direct billing available?2020-05-02T09:12:17-04:00

We do not currently offer direct billing.

What times are available for a new person?2021-02-11T07:41:17-05:00
  • We have morning and daytime appointments available on Mondays and Wednesdays.
  • We have afternoon and evening appointments available Monday to Thursday.
  • We also have appointments available on Saturdays.
What is the cost?2020-05-02T09:21:29-04:00

The cost is the best part!

Our programs are very affordable, especially when you consider the cost that doing nothing about the symptoms you’ve been experiencing could have on your life and health.

We have special programs for families that receive care together.

Your health is your wealth and when you feel vibrant, energetic, and focused, the return on your investment will be tremendous!

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