Milton chiropractors interviewed by Bhanu on podcast ‘Mississauga: Keeping it Real’

Enjoy this 75 minute podcast interview as Bhanu of Mississauga: Keeping It Real interviews Wellroots chiropractors, Dr. Allison and Dr. Rob in this chapter “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Bhanu usually interviews business owners across Mississauga however he reached out to us here in Milton because there are no chiropractors who currently practice NetworkSpinal in Mississauga. Thank you Bhanu for extending your reach!

Milton chiropractors share their love for NetworkSpinal chiropractic care

Have you ever wondered what brought us to the world of healing and chiropractic, why we practice the way we do, and how NetworkSpinal Care fits into the bigger picture of chiropractic and healthcare?

We had a great time with Bhanu in this podcast interview enjoying some laughs as we talked about what we love. It’s a joy to share about the work we are so passionate about and how we interact with people to create new opportunities for healing in the body. There are many different healing modalities and approaches to health and wellness out there and also many different ways to practice chiropractic.  Here we discuss some of our philosophy and view of what’s possible for health and healing in the body, and in life.

One of our goals as chiropractors is to support people in developing inner resources to generate more healing from within. This is one reason we practice as we do, applying forces that are not, “corrective” in nature, but help the body generate it’s own internal forces to create change from the inside out. We find this way of relating to the body is very powerful in helping people create lasting change. We discuss this concept during the podcast interview.

Milton chiropractors Dr. Allison and Dr. Rob share their story and personal journeys in healing and chiropractic

Also in this podcast interview, Bhanu asked about our personal journeys in healing which are an important part of how we show up in our practices. He also managed to uncover some ‘juicy’ tidbits about our past and how we ended up together.

Please enjoy and share!

Listen to the podcast interview now

Listen as Dr. Allison and Dr. Rob discuss their personal journeys and NetworkSpinal chiropractic care.