Rhythm 4 – Courage

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Rhythm 4

In this workshop we will experience the energetic practice for the fourth Rhythm of Life, or stage of healing. We will also explore the consciousness of this rhythm in which we experience Courage as we reclaim our power.

In this rhythm we realize that the “stories” or “script” we had been believing in the first three rhythms no longer work for us. Initially we are angry that we have given our power away and we are determined not to let it happen again. We think, “I have had enough of this”, “I deserve more than this”, and “I will no longer lessen who I am.”

In this exercise we focus our energy at an area of the body that has been constricted in and we transform this physical anchor of frustration, to experience mental energy, focus and courage.

As we complete this rhythm we reclaim our Courage to be ourselves.

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