Rhythm 3 – Frustration

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Rhythm 3 - Frustration

In this workshop we will experience the energetic practice for the third Rhythm of Life, or stage of healing. We will also explore the consciousness of this rhythm in which we experience Frustration as a result of being stuck in a perspective.

In this rhythm, our concepts and also our physiology have been fixated. The blockages we have in our bodies are associated with the thinking mind and the emotions conditioning one another. We may know better but are still being emotionally “hooked”. We don’t know why we are stuck or what to do about it yet.

The goal with this exercise is to move into the stuck feeling. We choose to honour our blockages, or stuck areas, as we become aware of, acknowledge and accept them. In doing so, we can begin to experience the life energy that has been held in our bodies and we can claim ownership for being stuck.

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