Adapted Regular Chiropractic Visits

We feel confident that the value of our service will significantly outweigh any risks associated with coming into our office.

Come clean, leave clean

Our goal is for clients to have a near zero exposure due to the extensive safety precautions, distancing and disinfecting protocols that we have in place. In part, our success depends on your knowledge of (and adherence to) the following structures for our adapted visit flow. We appreciate your contribution in helping everyone feel safe and at ease in our office space.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this time.

1. Preparation before your appointment

Appointments and scheduling

* You must schedule an appointment; unscheduled, or walk-in arrival is not permitted. *


In order for you to be eligible to make an appointment, you must self-assess for COVID-19. Prior to contacting us to book an appointment, please complete the self-assessment process using our online COVID-19 Screening Form.

COVID-19 Screening Form ›

Once you have completed and submitted the online self-screening form, please email us or call (905) 693-8804 to arrange a time to meet.


  • Appointment times will be booked to accommodate a safe and appropriate flow of individuals and families in our office and to allow extra time for cleaning and disinfection.
  • Additionally, only one doctor will be working at any one time to minimize traffic and limit the number of people in the office at once.
  • When possible, please plan to attend our office alone. If you do require someone to accompany you, please have them wait outside during your visit.

What to bring

Face covering

As part of the progressive opening plan, the Ontario Government has communicated that members of the public wear face coverings when going out in public and physical distancing of 2 metres cannot be maintained. Therefore, we remind clients to wear a face covering (cloth face coverings are acceptable) for appointments in our office while within 2 metres.


If you choose to wear sandals or shoes without socks, please bring a pair of your own socks that you can wear during your time in our office.

Minimize personal belongings

We’ve removed the baskets for your personal belongings, so please bring only what you need. If possible, leave your coats and handbags in your car or trunk and stick your payment card in your pocket. That said, we’ve also removed our blankets so feel free to bring an extra layer if needed. Thank you for helping us to minimize what you bring into our space.

Before traveling to our office

Before traveling to our office, please complete a self-assessment process to ensure that you are eligible to attend our office. If you screen positive prior to arrival at our location, we will waive the usual $15 reservation fee for cancellations with less than 24 hours notice.

Upon entry to our office, all clients must be screened for COVID-19.

Clients who screen positive for COVID-19 at our location will have their appointment rescheduled and a $15.00 reservation fee will apply.

2. Your Visit

Entering the building

Although we cannot control the environment outside our unit, we’ve arranged to prop open the doors at the top of the stairs to minimize the need to touch door handles.

Please note that hand-sanitizer is available at each entrance and also at the elevator.

Before entering our unit


Please ensure that you have self-assessed for COVID-19 prior to entering our space.

Arrive On-Time

  • Please arrive on-time; and
  • if necessary please wait outside until your appointment time.

In the past we’ve been able to be very flexible with early and late arrivals.  With the new serial booking schedule and office visit flow, we have less flexibility. If you are late, please understand that your entrainment may be reduced or rescheduled to ensure that everyone receives their care in a timely manner.

Please put on your mask

Sanitize your hands

We’ll provide hand sanitizer (80% alcohol and fragrance free) outside and within our office.

Entering our unit

Wait in tiled cloak area

Please wait in the tiled cloak area for one of our staff to complete the active screening process before proceeding further into our reception area. Active screening involves a staff member verbally asking the COVID-19 Regular Screening Questions.

Administrative tasks

We ask that you complete any administrative tasks prior to entrainment. To limit time, traffic and exposure in our space, please consider the following:

Booking appointments

  • As much as possible, it is helpful to book multiple visits at one time.

Payment and receipts

  • We encourage you to run a reasonable balance with us and pay for multiple visits at once.
  • Whenever possible, we ask that you pay using a contactless (tap) option.
  • To limit the exchange of paper, please accept receipts via email.

Reception area

Please do not touch anything or lay down your personal belongings.

Other than for administrative purposes, our intent is that you do not spend any additional time waiting in the reception area.

Additionally, we’ve removed or restricted access to any items that cannot be properly disinfected such as:

  • Water cooler (remains in place but is unavailable for public use);
  • Promotional materials and lip balm (ask if desired);
  • Books (these will remain in place on the bookshelf, please do not touch);
  • Kids toys, books and drawing materials.

*Please pay attention to signage and respect all floor markings.

Use of washroom

We understand that for people traveling from greater distances, the use of a washroom may be required. Our washroom will be available for your use when necessary, but please try to limit your use of this facility as we must clean and disinfect after every use.

Clients must speak with a staff member prior to using the washroom to ensure that it’s ready to use and so that we’re aware it must be cleaned and disinfected.


Getting to your table

We will either escort you directly to your table or provide explicit direction to a specific table that has been designated for your entrainment session. Tables are numbered to avoid any confusion.

  • Your table will already have been cleaned and disinfected.
  • A clean facecloth will already be installed on the headrest for you.

Personal items

Please place any personal items safely on the floor, under your table.

Please do not place your personal items on any other surface (especially window sills).  Thank you for helping us know where to clean and disinfect appropriately.

Wait seated on your table

Please proceed directly to the table as instructed and wait seated on the table for the initial conversation with your doctor.

Clinical Chiropractic Intake

Your doctor will interact with you while maintaining physical distance prior to you laying on the table.

The entrainment process

For your comfort, your chiropractor will wear a mask at all times

Chiropractor hand hygiene

Prior to any close proximity or touch interactions with your chiropractor, the doctor will have completed the appropriate hand hygiene.

Serial entrainment process with one-on-one interactions for individuals

Although there may be some overlap with other clients conversationally, physical distance will be maintained at all times and the entrainment process will be completed serially with each individual. This is different than the parallel entrainment process that you’re already familiar with, where the chiropractor is moving back and forth between tables, working with several people at once.

At first this approach may feel different as the entrainment process unfolds more quickly. Rest assured that we are committed to ensuring that all changes are well integrated so that you still receive the same benefit from your session.


Post-entrainment table time

You will not be required to vacate your table immediately upon completion of the entrainment process. You will have an additional 5-10 minutes of time to continue in your experience and transition yourself according to your own pace.

Getting off your table

When you’re ready, please sit up to let your chiropractor know that you’re ready to move on.

Please wait until you’re directed to move out into the reception area and we will open the door for you.


Please leave your facecloth in place.

We will manage all facecloths as part of the post-entrainment cleaning and disinfection protocol in preparation for the next client.

Personal Entrainment Journals

In order to limit the exchange of paper, we have decided to exclude the journaling process from your visit until further notice.  We do however encourage practice members to continue this post-entrainment process of reflection on their own.

Sanitize your hands on your way out

Exiting the building

Alternate exit

To minimize traffic in the hallway, we have arranged to prop open the doorway to the stairwell directly across from our unit. You may proceed down these stairs to exit the building.

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