Seasons of wellbeing, stages of healing, rhythms and levels of care

At Wellroots, we’re passionate about offering you a way to get more for your life. Not only are we focused on helping you discover more of what’s possible, we’re also committed to working with you in the process of transforming the experience of your body and reality so you can grow, evolve and share more of what’s available to you.

Energy is at the centre of everything we do. Helping you connect in new ways allows you to find, access and harness more of the energy that’s available. More energy gives you the power to activate and fuel your own unique healing strategies so you can heal and efficiently upgrade to a more authentic and vital you.

Working with you where you’re at allows us to help you connect more effectively and experience greater coherence which drives the reorganization of the structures, behaviours and perceptions in your body and life.

Reorganizational Healing

Now called Epihealing (developed by Dr. Donald Epstein), Reorganizational Healing is an approach to wellness, growth and healing that helps you develop an energetic map and understanding of where you’re at.

With greater healing resourcefulness you can more easily learn and apply concrete tools to efficiently and effectively navigate the actions required to create and sustain a more fulfilling and resilient life.

Seasons of Wellbeing & Stages of Healing

The Seasons of Wellbeing and Stages of Healing help you to self-assess your current position at any given time so that you’re able to draw on your own unique strengths and access the most appropriate resources for that moment.

The Seasons of Wellbeing help you to localize your position more generally, similarly to knowing which city and neighbourhood you’re standing in. The Seasons speak to the overall timing and flavour of energetic resources that are most accessible and readily available to you. Understanding and living in season supports a more effortless and productive life experience. Living out of season can lead to disappointment, pain and struggle.

Each Stage of Healing provides a higher degree of energetic specificity and helps you drill down and zero in on what particular action can help you find the experience of connection, power and integrity that life is calling for.

NetworkSpinal Care

In our office, when you show up for care, we use the Seasons of Wellbeing and the Stages of Healing to connect and understand what’s happening with you and also to determine the most appropriate Level of NetworkSpinal Care for your entrainment.

We listen to you and hear what you’re talking about, paying careful attention to how you’re relating to the circumstances of your life. We observe how you hold yourself and how you move, noticing the position, shape, tone and tension in your spine.

While we acknowledge that you’re generally living life from a stable energetic centre of gravity, we also understand that at any given moment, you have the potential to access more energy beyond what you ever thought was possible.

In connecting with you this way, we determine the location of the energy that is most available and accessible. It also helps us decide where to start and how far to go on any given visit.

Taking all of this in, we’re able to determine how and where to most appropriately introduce a very specific and activating force that engages your nervous system in helping you move forward in your life.

Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) Exercises

In addition to working with the NetworkSpinal Levels of Care during entrainment, we also teach the 12 Somato Respiratory Integration Exercises that are paired with each of the 12 Stages of Healing rhythms. Somato Respiratory Integration offers you an empowering framework to discover, transform and awaken resources in your body to create wellness, healing, and health. You can learn to recognize the different rhythms and stages that are showing up in life and then use the resources of breath, movement, energy and focus to squeeze the juice out of where you’re at and raise your energy. Sometimes we’ll teach and use these exercises in the flow of a normal visit. We also have in office workshops available as well as our online ‘Rhythms of Life’ experiential workshop series.