Previously, we’ve shared about the energetic framework underlying our approach in chiropractic.

Here, we explore the emergence of health related awareness as a call to action.

Health related awareness: a call to action

‘Health related awareness’ is seen as any awareness that a person has that is related to their current or future health status. Regarding current health status, health related awareness includes the moment-to-moment awareness of the body’s energetic and structural coherence, any changes in that state and any associated body signals (e.g. a change in our experience of wholeness, functional capacity or performance, a new sensation or the experience of a symptom, problem or crisis). Regarding future health status, health related awareness would also include awareness of how the choices and associated use of energy that manifest the structures, behaviours and perceptions in our body and life, may impact our future health (e.g. our intuition or an idea that resonates, inspires or just makes sense). Health related awareness includes both the consciousness of where we are now and where we would expect to be in the future if we keep living the same way we’re living today.

Purpose of health related awareness

Generally, the purpose of awareness is to know what’s happening in the present moment. Specifically, with regard to health related awareness, it’s the consciousness of how we’re living our life and the impact of our choices on our body and health.

Value of health related awareness

The value of knowing what is actually occurring in our body and life is to move us into action. If the awareness does not translate into something actionable, how can it serve us? Ideally, we don’t fight our body and override it’s requests with our mind and our agenda, but rather we’re able to listen to and receive the body’s wisdom as it guides us towards health and longevity. Health related awareness gives us the opportunity to take action now in ways that will build and fortify our future health.

“Awareness is the greatest agent for change.”

– Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose

Internal and external cues

There are many ways by which a person may develop a health related awareness and become aware of the potential benefit of (or need for) a new health related action (or intervention). Health related awareness can come in many forms and these cues to action can be both internal (something that you gained through the experience of your body and direct observation in your own life, like the relationship between a behaviour and the experience of a physical symptom) and external (something you discovered through the culture such a publication, the internet, mass media, etc., or possibly through another trusted source such as a family member, friend or health practitioner).

Value of internal cues

Health related awareness that originates from the experience of our own body and mind (internal signals) is potentially the most valuable information available to us. Arising from within, this information is specific and highly relevant to our very own personal circumstances. The more connected we are, the more we can become aware of the potential of (or need for) a health related action and upgrade.

A threshold for health related awareness

Most of the information about what’s going on in our body doesn’t make it’s way into our awareness; nor does it need to. We’re rarely aware of the multitude of automatic and complex regulatory processes happening at any given time that maintain the body in active organization. In health and under normal circumstances, the body self-regulates and we are free to move throughout the world, doing what we want to do without any real awareness of what is happening with the cells, tissues, organs and systems that make it all possible.

In order for us to have a health related awareness, a minimum threshold must be reached that allows us to experience and become conscious of something that is happening within. Depending on the relationship we have with our body, we may be more or less connected and more or less sensitive to these valuable signals. With less connection and sensitivity to the body’s internal cues, the threshold for awareness is increased and we’re not as aware of signals that may be important for us. If we’re unable to detect these intelligent signals of the body, it’s much less likely that we’ll respond appropriately and make choices to maintain and/or build our future health.

With an increased threshold for awareness, greater deviations from a normal and healthy baseline are possible and we may not even notice departures from our natural baseline of growth, performance and usual body sensations. We can’t respond to that which we’re unable to detect and we may not be sensitive to subtle changes in body sensation that arise prior to the arrival of symptoms, problems and crisis. With a higher threshold for awareness, greater and greater amounts of change are possible before we have the health related awareness that action may be of value (or necessary).  Consequently, we don’t have the opportunity to regulate our life as effectively and we may become reliant on external signals (objective signs, screenings and tests) which typically require that a problem has already begun or is well underway.

Due to the stress and overwhelm which is typical today, many of us have developed chronic habits of disconnection and do not feel the body very much at all. In today’s modern, fast-paced world, most will require a routine of specific body centered practices to stay well connected (e.g. yoga, meditation, breath work, chiropractic entrainment). If we can be more connected and more sensitive to internal signals, it’s more likely that we will effectively self-regulate and make choices that fortify our body and create a future of health.

With more connection and sensitivity to internal cues, we have an increased capacity to perceive information originating from within ourselves and the threshold for health related awareness is lower. A lower threshold for awareness allows us to take health related action earlier, and with enough connection and sensitivity to the body’s signals, we’re able to navigate proactively within the realms of growth, performance and body sensation, prior to the manifestation of symptoms, problems and crisis.

The spectrum of body signals

Your healthy baseline of growth, performance and body sensation

The experience of our body and it’s innate signals can provide internal cues to help us make proactive choices about how we’re using energy in our body and in our lives. With more energy, connection and sensitivity, we naturally detect and respond to internal signals and body sensations that alert us to our body’s needs. Because we’re more ‘dialed-in,’ we have more detailed knowledge and a more intimate relationship with a baseline of health. We know how it feels when energy is moving effectively and appropriately through the structure of our body. We also notice changes and when we deviate from this familiar and expected baseline of growth and performance (e.g. I usually have a surplus of energy for growth and trying new things but today I feel tired). This allows us to plan and choose more appropriately, giving the body what it’s asking for, and what it needs (e.g. today I’m tired so I will rest more than planned).

Symptoms: a personal and subjective experience

Symptoms are signals of intelligent processes that are meant to interrupt our life and help us discover how to create a more integrated and coherent expression of our authentic self. In answering this call towards more wholeness, our symptoms teach us how to transform our perceptions, structures and behaviours to create a perfect solution and upgrade for our life.

Most commonly, symptoms are a sign of health and signal a need for change rather than an eventual pathology. They are meant to let us know that something is happening, needs our attention and are showing us what is required for our body and life.

It is through the experience of our symptoms and the disease process that we become conscious of the need to use energy in new and more effective and efficient ways. This upgrade in how energy moves through our life is necessary to heal and resolve any issues that may be interfering with the manifestation of healthy cells, body, mind and life (see Change is a process, Cellular Management – Part 1).

Problems: when you can no longer do what you want to do

A person is normally aware of a problem because it typically involves losing the ability to function somehow in their life. Interestingly, many people will end up with a problem after having ignored and/or having worked around the symptoms leading up to the problem, including pain. The issue becomes a problem only when it begins to significantly interfere with their life (can’t sleep, can’t work, can’t play, etc.) and many will wait for a problem before finding the energy and motivation to take action.

Even with the awareness and experience of a problem, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a person will answer the body’s call for change. Often, when energy and healing resources are limited, people still find a way to work around the problem. If successful, one of the greatest challenges with this ‘work-around’ is that, not only does it further deplete valuable resources (time and energy which are consumed in the work-around), but it also can result in adaptation. Adaptation (or compensation) becomes another problem in and of itself and is the beginning of the slippery slope towards developing a crisis.

Crisis: when there’s no more wiggle room

In a crisis, a person is usually aware that something has happened with their health. Just as health takes time to manifest, the disease process most often occurs slowly over time and there are sensations, symptoms and problems along the way. In most cases, in order for a crisis to manifest there is a significant amount of disconnection where the indicators (sensations, symptoms and problems) are either entirely below awareness or for whatever reason (commonly stress, overwhelm, etc.) have been ignored.

In crisis, energy and resources are often dangerously low and external assistance and urgent care may be necessary to maintain the vital functions of the body and prolong a person’s life. In our view this is the greatest gift of modern medicine and, when used to help people move into a place where they have the possibility to begin healing, is invaluable.


regardless of the presence or absence of symptoms, problems and crisis;
develop an accurate perception and a trustworthy relationship with your body;
be well positioned to deal with what happens within and without; and
discover what is available and how to create a future of health.

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Next we’ll look at the different types of health related actions available to us and finally, the process of health related decision making.

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Empowering you to see the possibility

Empowering you to see the possibility

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