Sometimes a simple breath is all it takes

Have you ever lost your keys? For many, the mere thought of this predicament has the potential to conjure up some uncomfortable feelings. No doubt, many of us may even recall an experience of panic as the mind scrambles to retrace the past, scanning over the possibilities and the recent timeline of our life.

Even worse is the feeling that comes with the realization that not only do we not know where the keys have gone, but that we also don’t know how long they’ve been missing. How long have we been living without ownership of this important asset? What might have happened during that time?

Even if we’ve only been aware of the situation for a few minutes, intuitively we know; the longer it’s been since we’ve lost possession, the greater the potential complications (more places to look, greater chance they’ve been moved, etc.). Even when it’s only been a short time, I’m usually surprised at how ‘long’ it’s taken me to realize the keys have been missing (I always know where my keys are; or at least I think I do). For me, the discovery that I’ve lost track of my keys is nothing less than ‘shocking.’

Luckily, for most people, because the keys are so important (and used so often) we don’t often go very long before we realize they’ve been misplaced. Most commonly, they’re not lost or even misplaced, rather they were simply forgotten on the counter and are easily retrieved. No matter how long it’s been, the feeling of relief that comes with the recovery of this lost item is substantial and most welcome.

But what if we just lost one key? What if we still had most of our ‘keys’, but somehow unbeknownst to us, one of those little keys had disappeared. If it was one of the keys we use often, it might not be very long before we noticed. If we were able to notice quickly, we might have more success recovering it (retracing recent steps, etc.). But what if it was a really important key that was used infrequently, or only in the case of an emergency? What if we only became aware that the key was missing at the time of the emergency that called for the use of that key? We would pull out our key-ring, only to discover that we didn’t have what was necessary at that critical time.

Possession of the keys is something relatively ‘small’, and yet so vitally important. In a way, that little ring or chain, serves as a hub for most of the crucial functions in our life. Losing even just one key has the potential to critically impact access to important structures and essential functions. Keys are simple structures that provide access to greater structures and enable and activate the proper and intended function of those structures. What good is that Ferrari in the driveway if you have no key to ignite the engine?

Each of the vertebrae in your spine are keys on the key-chain of your body/life. Just as each key unlocks a different structure and/or function in your life, each vertebrae plays a unique and essential role in animating the cells and tissues of your body, keeping it alive and healthy. And just as each key must be turned appropriately in the lock to which it is perfectly and purposefully paired, each vertebrae must be specifically and precisely activated by the movement that comes with a full breath in your spine.

With the occurrence and/or accumulation of stress, trauma, pain and contraction in our life, as we brace and adapt to the circumstances and demands of the moment, our breathing pattern may become altered. Sometimes a sudden change will produce enough contrast and sensation that we are able to experience and perceive that change. Also, the more connected we are to our breath, the more likely is is that we can notice a change. More commonly however, these adaptations occur below our awareness and slowly we lose track of the ‘keys’ that provide access to the potential of life in our body. How many keys will you have to lose before you become aware of what’s missing for you?

Let us help you find the keys you didn’t know you’d lost. Entrainment helps you upgrade your breathing pattern so that with each breath you’re breathing more life into your spine and body. We can help you recover the movement and feeling that comes with a full deep breath, delivering more life into the body and energetically nourishing all your parts. Now is the time to ensure that you have maximum access to all the structures and functions of your body. We can help you get the angles you’ve been missing so that you can better adapt and respond to what’s happening in your life.

Let us help you remember what it feels like to have what you didn’t know was missing. Call us today to get back to the feeling of knowing where all your keys are at.