Wellroots has been in the works for some time.  In early August of 2019, in the back country of Kilarney Provincial Park, we were inspired to take our life, our message and our practice to the next level.

Like any individual who engages a path of mastery in their craft, as chiropractors, we grow and evolve.

Initially, what proved satisfactory, eventually requires upgrading and must be reworked as life teaches us with time, experience, failure and success.

As we gained knowledge working with and in the body, we learned to listen more effectively. This has generated greater outcomes and has allowed us to be more effective in helping people access more of the energy that is available to them, improving their relationship with the intelligence that governs their life.

And so, slowly, the authentic self is revealed, calling for more alignment and integrity, beckoning us towards deeper connection and a greater expression of who we are.

In 2006, when we first started out branding our message as Vital Elements, we put a lot of time and energy into our logo image.  We developed the visual component based on the principles and message that has always been in the background driving and guiding everything that we do.  It has taken time for us to grow the descriptive analogy in Wellroots.  We are so thrilled to bring the business name into greater alignment with our principles and our logo image.

Wellroots increases the overall integrity of our brand image.

The fullness and stability of strong roots that serve to connect and anchor us deeply, represents a powerful grounding element, and communicates the fundamental value of feeling and living in the fullness of our body.

The trunk and spine serve to connect all our parts, unifying the entire system into one organized being.

The branches reach out freely, and are pulled upwards, towards the vital energy that inspires and sustains, inviting us into the potential and possibility that comes from a strong and stable foundation below.

Wellroots transforms and expands, moving us from description into feeling.

What does it feel like to be well-rooted? For many of us, this might be a foreign concept and quite unfamiliar.

Intuitively, we know what it might feel like to be ‘uprooted’; to be disconnected from our home and place of origin.

Wouldn’t you like to get to the root cause of what’s really going?

Or, perhaps you would like to grow and deepen your roots.

That’s exactly what we’re here to do.

You can only grow as high as your roots will allow.

Let us help you grow more roots to the resources within.

We can help you learn and grow to stand tall, so that you can feel strong and confident that you have what it takes to reach the heights of your potential and effortlessly weather even the greatest of storms.


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